Sheet Metal Fabrication

Since 1976, Estes has invested in the best people and the latest equipment to produce precision sheet metal parts and products.

Estes specializes in light-gauge sheet metal fabrication, especially:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

It can also process plate up to .375” thick, bar and tube stock, and other material types and alloys as needed by its customers.

Salvagnini CNC Panel Bender machinery in manufacturing warehouse

Let Estes take your fabrication project to the next level.

Employee working on fabrication equipment

Estes’ equipment list includes an array of fully automated machines and a complete line of standard fabricating equipment to serve its customers.

While Estes’ equipment is impressive, it is the team’s production speed, responsive process, and customer service that Estes’ customers mention time and time again when asked “Why choose Estes?”

Employee working on Time Savers Equipment